17 February 2012

First photos

Here is a photo of a section of the header band and its enormous puddle of warp loops.

This closeup gives a better idea of the texture. This band was all hand-beaten, i.e., I did not use a shuttle or other tool, just my hand. You can see what I meant about the way the thread on one side of the header warp loosens. I'll be giving some more thought to that, and to my idea about twisting the warp threads in order to force that thread (actually, those two threads) back into place.

And this is for scale, so you get a sense of just how wide this little header band is. I'm used to making tablet-woven header bands, not warp-faced repp ones, and they've always been somewhat wider than this. Granted, the bulk of my header bands have been on teaching warps, which are intentionally at coarse setts to make it easier for people to see and manipulate the yarns.

Isn't it funny how the yarn goes from looking delicate in the first photo to looking coarse in the third?

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