21 May 2013

Baby Steps

Progress! The woven section measures just about exactly half its eventual length.

I only had to repair three threads this time. My speed is also improving as the nuances of the dance return to my working memory. But my stamina is down after so little appropriate exercise. I think I'm going to have brief weaving sessions for a while, just to build up my endurance again. I also need to set up my listening station again so I can have music while I weave. Singing along to something I love is the quickest way I know to get through a lot of physical work.

Almost every thread I've had to repair has been in the center of the web, in that problem area right where the two heddle rods abut. (I think there has been only one exception, a thread that caught by misadventure on a rough spot on the weaving sword.) This afternoon I thought longingly of what I could do if I were only weaving a cloak or a plain peplos rather than a garment with inwoven bands. After I took the piece off the loom, I'd stitch a false seam down that middle inch of problem warp and no one would be the wiser!

Now I'm going to go off and think pleasant math-y thoughts about yarn and dyestuffs and mordants. I was going to do that yesterday, but my scale wasn't working so I couldn't come up with any hard numbers. Now that the scale works, it's time to plot the dyeing phase of the project.


  1. Halfway done! Great news.

    You are going to post pictures of the weaving when you're done, aren't you? I hope so--I would really like to see what this weaving looks like.

    1. Oh yes, I'll definitely be posting more photos of the process as well as (hopefully) the finished item.