18 January 2012

Shoring up the research

Right now I'm stymied on dimensions, so I'm working on other aspects.

Today I researched starting borders. I was delighted to discover something I've never seen before in my research. It's only a little thing, but it helps to fill in one of those "we don't know how they did that" lacunae, so it makes me happy.

I also contacted the supplier for one of the two yarns I'm considering. It's not currently available in the color I need -- still in production, but not in stock. Tomorrow the vendor is going to contact me to let me know how long before they have it back in stock. I've heard several people praise this particular yarn, so I hope I can work something out.

Tomorrow I'm going to start looking at selvedges -- or at least, look to see if there are any relevant selvedges.

This weekend Greg says he and I are going to go acquire what he needs to retrofit/remake the loom. Before that, we'll have to have a long talk about exactly how the loom needs to look and behave.

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